Terra Nova Season 1

In 2149, earth is nearly wrecked by pollution. Police detective Jim Shannon is jailed for illegally raising an extra child, Zoe. He's sprung from jail just in time to join his family on the latest 'pilgrimage', through a unique time-space-continuum rip, to Terra Nova, a colony run with modern technology in a dino age forest. Colony commander Nathaniel Taylor soon recruits as security professional Jim, who gradually finds out about some threats, notably from Saurian monsters, the 'sixers' and his own, bitterly estranged son Lucas. Meanwhile Jim's son Josh keeps getting into trouble, mainly due to his girlfriend Skye. His smart sister Maddy is in love with gentleman soldier Mark Reynolds.
Genres:  AdventureMysterySci-Fi
Actors:  Jason O'MaraShelley ConnChristine Adams
Countries:  AustraliaUSA
Writers:  Kelly MarcelCraig Silverstein
Runtime: 46min
Release: 26 September 2011
IMDb: 6.8

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